Our Story

We are Cami and Jennifer,  2 midwestern moms who have a passion for all things Preppy, Classic and Timeless.  We love a monogram, a great bowtie, and pearls. Of course when gifting, we have always loved to shop for the perfect personal and unique gifts.It has always been important to us that each gift is meaningful. Over the years, we have found ourselves scouring the internet to find that “perfect thing”.
In late 2016, like many fall weekends, we found ourselves on the lacrosse fields with our 12-year-old boys.  Another lacrosse tournament, another weekend with lots of time to talk.  That day while we were bundled up, chatting on the sidelines, we had a thought…. what if we could put together a website with all of our favorite things.  How wonderful would that be?
It was a fun thought, but as busy as we were, we weren’t sure it would come to fruition.  We kept working on store names, everything we thought of was pretty fun, but nothing quite lit the spark until the day we came up with THE PLAID PEONY.  That was it.  It was full speed ahead from that point.  So on February 28th 2017, we will be opening up our passion for all the world to see and shop! Right here in Brookfield WI.. where local delivery is always free!